Dedicated to All married 💑 couple

💬 2 Wives chatting in office :

Wife 1: I had a fine evening, how was Urs???

Wife 2 : It was a disaster. My husband came home, ate his dinner in 3 mins & fell asleep in 2 mins. How was yours?

Wife 1 : Oh mine was amazing ! My husband came home and took me out for a romantic dinner. 🍲 After dinner we walked for an hour.👫 When we came home he lit the candles around the house. It was like a fairy tale !

At the same time, their husbands are talking at work..

Husband 1: How was your evening?

Husband 2: Great. I came home, dinner was on the table, I ate & fell asleep. What about you ?

Husband 1: It was horrible. I came home, there’s no dinner, they cut the electricity because I forgot to pay the bill; so I took her out for dinner which was so expensive that didn’t have money left for a cab or auto.We walked home which took an hour & when we got home I remembered there was no electricity so I had to light candles all over the house !!!!!!

:)Chanakya writes:)

“If you want to be
Happy with your husband,
Love him Less &
Understand him more !

If you want to be
Happy with your wife,
Love her More &
NEVER try to Understand her !”:mrgreen:😝😝

Dedicated to All married 💑 couple


Intelligence of wives 😝😁😂

💃Wife casually calls husband at office one afternoon:

💃Wife : Hi, how are u

😎Husband: Mmmm….i am fine.

💃Wife : What did you eat for lunch?

😎Husband : Oh Ho….every day keep asking the same questions. What did you eat, whom did you meet, what did you listen to..”.

💃Wife: Oh!! Ok Ok, tell me how should RBI fight these inflationary trends with minimum intervention in the Money Markets? And what should be the role of Finance Ministry to control inward Foreign remittances? ??

😎Husband : (after few seconds silence)…. I had  Chapati,rice,Aloo,salad n curd rice with pickle”.

……. Dedicated to those husbands who still underestimate intelligence of their wives 😝😁😂

Loyalty Tests…

Test 1:
Wife buys 12 underwears of same colour for hubby..🔻

Hubby- Why same colour sweetheart. people will think I never change my underwear.
Wife- Which people❓😡😡😡

Total silence…😳😁😖😷


Test 2:
A couple sees a hot girl.. 😍💃💃
Wife: So big, aren’t they? 😳😳
Husband: Yes 👀
Wife: Are they artificial?
Husband: I think natural. 😎😎
Wife: Ear-rings are Natural?? 😕😕
Total Silence 😐😐😐


Best one
Test 3:
Men will always be Men –
Once a group of men decided to go for Tirth Yatra. Their guide explained to them that they might see some ladies bathing in open and they should not get distracted at all. When they see anything like that, they should just say HARI OM and move on. Next day they started the yatra and one of the men in the group said- “HARI OM” and rest of them said- “WHERE WHERE!” 😆😆😆… 😅